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London high-tech firm ONEm Communications plans expansion in Africa to bring internet-like services to millions of people without the internet.

On any ordinary mobile, users can engage in group communication with each other like people do on the internet.

The move will see advanced services for rural Africa spread throughout the continent. African business concerns are currently discussing licensing rights and partnerships.

Christopher Richardson, CEO of ONEm

In a presentation to African officials, Christopher Richardson the CEO of ONEm said:

   “Africa is a very big and diverse continent. Reaching all rural areas needs significant funding and formidable technical challenges. However, the ONEm’s solution utilizes existing infrastructure to deliver innovative services to rural communities.”

Mobile internet allowed friends to share and exchange information anywhere. They could interact with applications for content and services. They could create and own their own content

“Africa has the talent and resources to develop services that reach all rural areas today.”

Half of the world’s population is without internet. They cannot enjoy the wonders of interactive social communications, content and services. With ordinary mobiles, the internet is completely out of reach.

ONEm’s technology lets applications interact with mobiles without the internet. The technology transforms ordinary voice and SMS into powerful interactive tools. They can provide nationwide interactive services in security, health, education and commerce.

Users need only a basic mobile and can get access to vital information using SMS and Voice. Coordination for development will be with the respective government departments.

They are in discussions with Mobile Operators to deploy services to make their core voice and SMS more internet-like.

This innovation enriches the user’s experience and gives these core assets greater value. More than 20 mobile operators have connections with ONEm with many more in the pipeline.